For students to be successful in the 21st century, they need a set of essential skills. Our 21st Century Necessary Skills courses aim to equip students with several valuable skills. With a range of offline and online courses that we provide, students develop their logical and creative abilities, build confidence and boost their overall intelligence.


• Refine your penmanship and let your writing speak for you. Size and shape your alphabet immaculately with proper spacing between the words.
• Students will learn various techniques like sitting posture, holding a pen, elbow position, book angle and so on, to master the art of writing neatly.
• Choose from our wide range of courses viz. Cursive and Print writing, Calligraphy, Devanagari, Junior handwriting, and Speed writing.


• Amplify your calculation skills with the world's fastest mental maths system.
• Even the most difficult problems become easy when you learn Maths the Vedic way, which is far more systematic and simplified than the conventional method.
• Students can grasp Vedic Maths in a short span of time and eliminate their fear of maths forever.


• Facilitate your child's brain development with this ancient instrument-based calculation system.
• Children get to use their hands using beads on the instrument for mathematical calculations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, besides counting decimal points and negative numbers.
• The power to visualise, concentrate and imagine becomes stronger as the child progresses from one level to another.


• Learn to pronounce words correctly by recognising unique sounds or phonemes in them.
• Understand the sound that letters make without memorising the words.
• As children pick up the art of pronunciation, their speaking, reading and writing skills witness substantial improvement, thereby elevating their confidence level.


• Understand the behavioural traits in your children and how you can shape them while they are still young.
• Know the psychology behind why different kids react differently to a situation and teach them how to handle any situation in life.
• Learn the ideal ways of parenting to have happy and successful children who can proudly call you their role model.

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• This Spoken English course is taught in Marathi by expert teachers and includes line by line English translation of Marathi sentences.
• Learn tenses, grammar concepts, common grammatical errors, sentence formation and more, to speak fluent English.
• Practice with the help of given examples and exercises to strengthen your knowledge of the English language.

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• Watch and Learn from 100s of Business Management Movies and Personal growth training videos.
• Learn and implement business growth strategies and develop leadership skills to manage employees.
• Use the videos multiple times to train and empower teams across different departments with the help of suitable videos for everyone.

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• This life-changing course helps you gain full control over your life.
• It covers 13 essential categories of life including career, health, finance, parenting, life vision and more.
• After completing this course, you will have a clear roadmap of your planned life journey.

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• 1st to 12th Std. all-inclusive learning programme for SSC / CBSE & ICSE Board
• Movie-like learning experience powered by state-of-the-art animation and superior sound quality to make study easy, interesting, enjoyable, and memorable for students.
• Animated content follows the school textbook syllabus word-by-word and in the same sequence so that students can conveniently learn without searching for topics.

Motorized Solar Eclipse Model
Phases of Moon
Parking Puzzle