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Class 3 (English Medium)
Home Revise content consists of the entire Class 3 English Medium syllabus in a fun learning method with various sounds and animations. It is as per the current syllabus and helps explain each chapter in detail. This makes the learning very easy and entertaining.
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4
A Pretty Game The Sugar Palm Tree There Is The Key Of Kingdom A Book Speaks
Go ! and-come! Doctor Do little Learns Animal Language A Team Of Workers Robotics
Tenali Raman Draws a Picture Let’s Wait …! The Two Merchants Of Seri The Noble Stag
A String Song I would Like to Be a Lighthouse At The Market Washday
The Story Of Sindbad the Sailor Young Brave hearts After School At The Bottom Of the Ocean
In a Biscuit Factory Young Scientist – 1 A School Teacher’s Thought Pinocchio
Khashaba Jadhav Curiosity The Breman Town Musicians Gadge Maharaj
A Honey Bee Speaks Look Before You Leap ! Baby’s Dress Bedtime
Dress Quickly ! A Skit Young scientist-2 The Magic Kettle
Pretty as a Picture Festival Album
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Our Environment Inside the Kitchen !
So many kinds of animals Our Body
Animal Shelters Sensory organs
Directions and Maps Pearly Teeth , Healthy Body
Understanding Time My Family and Home
Getting to know the Place we Live in My School
Our village , Our City Our Community Life
Our Need for Water Public Services for Community Life
Where does water come from ? Who fulfills our needs ?
More about Water Growing Up and Growing Old
Our Need for Air Our Clothes
Our Need for Food Changes in our Surroundings
Our Diet As we go from the Third to the Fourth Standard
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Mathematics Part – I Mathematics Part – II
Introduction to Geometrical Figure Patterns
Number Work Symmetry
Addition without Carrying Over Addition by Carrying Over
Subtraction without Borrowing Subtraction by Borrowing
Multiplication Multiplication
Coins and Currency Notes Division
Measurement Measurement of Time,
The Calendar
Handling Data
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Zoka Sasoba Mamachi Aamraee
Sinha ani Kolha Gai Sare Kase Chhan !
Aapan Sare Kheluya Aamacha Varg Shaletil Ek Divas
Varanche Gane Paus Pani Ela chya Ghari
Chitrasamabandhi Bola Kala Amachi Bhingari
Ekmekanshi Bola Aathavadi Bajar Mulakshare
Chala Mojuya Pradarshan Barakhadi
Aai cha Vadhdivas Amachi Sahal
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Pahali Ekai Dusari Ekai Tisari Ekai Chauthi Ekai
Rimzim Rimzim Zhook zhook rail Nindiya Bharat Mata
Sapana Anmol Vachan Khushi Chatur Gidhad
Tala Mai hu kon ? Mitrata Mitha Patthar
Pahachan Hamari – Bhag 1 Pahachan Hamari – Bhag 3 Natkhat Darji Bachat
Kasarat Shikhran Varanmala Dus Aur Bus
Pahachan Hamari – Bhag 2 Pahachan Hamari – Bhag 4 Jodo Hame – Bhag 1 Jude Hum
Dincharya Gubareyvala Dhumdham Ghas
Jodo Hame – Bhag 2 Bagiya
Punravrutti – Pahachano , Bolo Aur Padho Nirmal
Aditya Hasabnis, Class 7
Learning from the Home Revise app has been like a blessing in disguise amidst this pandemic. Home Revise not only helps me to cope up with.....
Aditya Ingale, Class 8
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Akanksha Jadha, Class 9
Home Revise Helps the students to understand the concepts easily. No time boundaries and convenient timing makes it even better.