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Class 5 (English Medium)
Home Revise content consists of the entire Class 5 English Medium syllabus in a fun learning method with various sounds and animations. It is as per the current syllabus and helps explain each chapter in detail. This makes the learning very easy and entertaining.
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
What a Bird Thought The Triantiwontigongolope On The Water The Man In The Moon
Daydream Three Sacks of Rice Weeds In The Garden Water In The Wall
Be a Good listener Be a Good Speaker Be a Good Host And Guest The Legend Of Marathon
Strawberries Count Your Garden The Journey To The Great OZ All About Money
The Twelve Month The Adventures Of Gulliver A Book Review A Lark
Announcements A Lesson For All Write Your Own Poem Be a Netizen
Major Dhyan Chand Bird Bath Senses Alert Give Your Mind a Workout!
Peer Profile Write Your Own Story Helen Keller
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Our Earth and Our Solar System Rules Are for Everyone Our Home and Environment Water Busy at Work – our Internal Organs
Motions of the Earth Let us Solve our own Problems Food for All Clothes – our Necessity Growth and Personality Development
The Earth and its Living World Public Facilities and My School Methods of Preserving Food The Environment and Us Infectious Diseases and how to Prevent them
Environmental Balance Maps – our Companions Transport Constituents of Food Substances, Objects and Energy
Family Values Getting to Know India Communication and Mass Media Our Emotional World Community Health and Hygiene
INDEX (Chapters we provide)
What is History? Stone Age – Stone Tools
History and the Concept of ‘Time’ From Shelters to Village – settlements
Life on Earth Beginning of Settled Life
Evolution Settled Life and Urban Civilization
Evolution of Mankind Historic Period
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Roman Numerals Decimal Fractions
Number Work Measuring Time
Addition and Subtraction Problems on Measurement
Multiplication and Division Perimeter and Area
Fractions Three Dimensional Objects and Nets
Angles Pictographs
Circles Patterns
Multiples and Factors Preparation for Algebra
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Nache Re Mora -Gane – G.D. Madgulkar Bailpola – Kavita – Dhondiramsinh Rajput Mi Nadi Bolte … Pramanik Estrivala
Hi Pise Konachi? Indhan Bachat Aamachi Sahal Maltichi Chaturai
Darav Darav ! – Kavita – G.H. Patil Bolave Kase? Aanubhav – 2 Patanga – Kavita
Konapasun Kai Ghyave ? Kavita – Nilam Mangave Aanubhav – 1 Gamatidar Patra Mahashri Vitthal Ramji Shinde
Sinh Ani Bedook ChitraKatha – Mukund Talvalkar Nadiche Gane – Kavita – V.M.Kulkarni Chotese Bhinbhau – Kavita Phulpakharu Ani Madhmashi
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Boonde Bhai – Bhai ka Prem
Yogya Chunav Balika Divas
Pahachan Hamari – 1 Jude Hum
Peturam A – Bodh
Neem Beej
Gada Dhan Viron ko Pranam
Mitrata Sapoot
Pahachan Hamari – 2 Rashtiya Tyohar
Mai Sadak Hun A – Hum Alag – Rup Ek
Bolo Aur Jano Dnyani
Jeevan Bachav
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Aditya Hasabnis, Class 7
Learning from the Home Revise app has been like a blessing in disguise amidst this pandemic. Home Revise not only helps me to cope up with.....
Aditya Ingale, Class 8
Studying has become so interesting with the video animations of every concept that I complete my studies faster now and have a lot of spare....
Akanksha Jadha, Class 9
Home Revise Helps the students to understand the concepts easily. No time boundaries and convenient timing makes it even better.