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Class 9 (Higher Secondary)
Home Revise content consists of the entire Class 9 Higher Secondary syllabus in a fun learning method with various sounds and animations. It is as per the current syllabus and helps explain each chapter in detail. This makes the learning very easy and entertaining.
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Matter in our surroundings Tissues Work & Energy
Is matter around us pure ? Diversity in living organism Sound
Atoms & Molecules Motion Why do we fall ill ?
Structure of the atom Force & laws of motion Natural Resources
The Fundamental unit of life Gravitation Improvement in food resources
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Number Systems Lines & Angles Constructions
Polynomials Triangles Heron’s Formula
Coordinate Geometry Quadrilaterals Surface Areas & Volumes
Linear Equations in Two variables Areas of parallelograms and triangles Statistics
Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry Circles Probability
INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Section 1. Events And Processes Section 2. Livelihoods , Economics And Societies Section 3. Everyday Life , Culture & Politics
The French Revolution Forest Society & Colonialism History & Sport: The Story of Cricket
French Society During the Late Eighteenth Century Why Deforestation ? The Historical Development of Cricket as a Game in England
The Outbreak of the Revolution The Rise of Commercial Forestry The Spread of Cricket
France Abolishes Monarchy & Becomes a Republic Rebellion in the Forest The Modern Transformation of the Game
Did Women have a Revolution? Forest Transformations in Java Commerce , Media & Cricket Today
The Abolition of Slavery Pastoralists in the Modern World Clothing : A Social History
The Revolution & Everyday Life Pastoral Nomads & their Movements Sumptuary Laws & Social Hierarchy
Socialism in Europe & the Russian Revolution Colonial Rule & Pastoral Life Clothing & Notions of Beauty
The Age of Social Change Pastoralism in Africa New Times
The Russian Revolution Peasants & Farmers Transformations in Colonial India
The February Revolution in Petrograd The Coming of Modern Agriculture in England Designing the National Dress
What Changed after October? Bread Basket & Dust Bowl
The Global Influence of the Russian Revolution and the USSR The Indian Farmer & Opium Production
Nazism & the Rise of Hitler
Birth of the Weimar Republic
Hitler’s Rise to Power
The Nazi Worldview
Youth in Nazi Germany
Ordinary People & the Crimes Against Humanity
INDEX (Chapters we provide)
Democracy in the contemporary world
What is Democracy ? Why Democracy ?
Constitutional Design
Electrol Politics
Working of Institutions
Democratic Rights
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INDEX (Chapters we provide)
India – Size and location
Physical features of India
Natural vegetation & wild life
INDEX (Chapters we provide)
The story of village Palampur
People as resource
Poverty as a challenge
Food security in India
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