Teacher Training Programme

Teachers are the driving force of a school as they are the ones who empower and prepare students for the future. However, teachers in many underserved schools often lack adequate resources and support system to access training which limits their ability to teach effectively.

Home Revise Teacher training programme is developed to ensure teachers are fully prepared to explain all the science models to students. Teachers get step-by-step training from our trainers, who proactively teach and clarify the doubts that teachers may have.

Teachers are demonstrated how to use the models to maximise their teaching efficiency. Each model explains a different concept, and teachers are made familiar with every model in the centre and methodically taught how to relate textbook concepts to various models.

Furthermore, as the models cater to the learning needs of students in 5th to 10th standards, teachers are shown to organise the models in a way that is appropriate for the respective standards.

The teacher training programme is a friendly platform for teachers to engage and learn from our trainers in a comfortable setting. It is conducted at frequent intervals to ensure that teachers are adept at dispensing their roles.

Teacher Training Programme

Features of Teacher Training Programme

  • Teachers get hands-on training on all the science models from our trainers.
  • Teachers are provided with self-explanatory training videos in their local language and taught to use the videos any time they want to.
  • Every model comes along with a science chart describing the corresponding concept.
  • Our support team is readily available to address queries and doubts that teachers may have concerning the implementation of the models.
  • We also provide a log register to allow teachers to maintain a record of model usage, which in turn helps us keep track of the effectiveness of the STEM centre.
  • Teachers are handed over a questionnaire for every model that enables them to test their as well as students’ knowledge.

Teacher Training Programme

Benefits of Teacher Training Programme

  • Teachers get to understand the working of the science models, which enables them to engage the students effectively and improve teaching efficacy.
  • Teachers learn to build curiosity among students towards science and maths. They explain theoretical concepts through model demonstration and improve classroom management.
  • Teachers are conferred with the ability to lead students to think logically through observation. They learn to encourage students to share their knowledge about the models and real-world applications.
  • Teachers learn to build competence among students to advance in their education by making it easy for them to understand scientific concepts.
  • Teachers learn to assess the knowledge of the students on different models through a predesigned questionnaire provided by us.