The abacus is a calculating system that was invented in China about 2000 years ago.
Today, this ancient instrument is being used for the brain development of young children.
This is possible because this instrument focuses on the use of both hands which in turn helps in the development of both sides of the brain.
As a result of this remarkable method of learning, photographic memory, concentration, imagination as well as creative thinking of children see a manifold increase.

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Details of the Course
Zero Level                     : Children below 6 years of age
Levels 1 to 6                 : Children between ages 6 – 14
Duration of Class       : 2 hours per week
Duration of Level       : 3 months per level
Duration of Course    : 7 levels = 21 months

The entire focus of our program is developing confident children.
Each level helps bring about a radical change in the child boosting their confidence and enabling them to set greater milestones for themselves.
As the course is delivered over a span of many months, our learning methods form a part of who they are and thus, application ultimately becomes a habit.