Home Revise is India’s best EdTech platform focused on enhancing the effectiveness of the education system in India by simplifying the learning experience of students. With a legacy of 20 years, we have been widely adopted across the country.

Our learning methodologies are world-class with the combination of state-of-the-art animated content and academic support of expert teachers who have encompassed every aspect of their respective subjects in great detail.

Home Revise has changed the traditional way of offline learning into a simplified yet significant online learning method for a better understanding. We are committed to contributing to the process of learning by making it effective and engaging in innovative ways.

Product Features

A. Best Animated Content

  • • More than 1 lakh animations & graphics are used.
  • • Includes many colourful diagrams & animated scientific experiments.
  • • Designed by qualified, expert & experienced teachers.
  • • Colourful, well-illustrated, creatively & scientifically designed content.

B. Best Sound Quality

  • • International voice quality which is crisp & clear to understand.
  • • Best sound effects to enhance the effectiveness of the lesson.

C. Meaning of Difficult Words

It's a unique feature of Home Revise. We have added the meaning of difficult words from each paragraph for better understanding of students.


  • 1. No need to search for the meaning.
  • 2. Parents also can understand the meaning of difficult words then & there and can explain the concepts to their kids if necessary.
  • 3. Teachers can also use it as a teaching aid or reference to teach the lesson.

D. Interactive Objective Test

We have provided interactive objective tests after every paragraph, which help students to check their grasping level of the lesson & to revise it thoroughly.

E. Result-Oriented Approach

  • • Our education system is based on evaluation through exams, where students have to answer questions based on the textbook syllabus.
  • • We help students to understand the lessons as well as learn the questions & answers thoroughly.
  • • To make the revision easy, we have explained questions & answers after every paragraph.

F. Exercise with Sound

  • • We have verbally explained all the questions & answers at the end of lessons.
  • • Students can listen, learn, and by-heart the question answers then and there.

G. Three Times Revision

Students can revise the questions & answers three times with Home Revise.

  • 1. Through the given question answers at the end of the paragraph.
  • 2. Through interactive tests after every paragraph.
  • 3. Through the given exercise at the end of the chapter.

H. Easy Navigation

Our e-learning platform is simple and clearly structured, which helps learners to easily find their way.

How are we different?

Our research brings forth some critical aspects when it comes to your child’s learning. Therefore, our unique approach aims at helping students to learn and grow, while enabling them to enhance their thinking skills.

Benefits for Students

What we offer?

  • - Mobile Learning App
  • - Customized Tablets
  • - Desktop Learning Solutions
  • - Best in Class Educational Content
  • - Live Classes
  • - Assessments

What makes us different?

  • - Fully mapped content from textbooks
  • - Simplification of content
  • - Real-time and live problem solving
  • - 24x7 Access to content
  • - Test preparation and support for competitive exams

How we transform your child?

  • - Effective orientation and research
  • - Improves problem-solving skills
  • - Initiates high-order thinking
  • - Enhances social skills

Benefits for Schools and Teachers

What we offer?

  • - Best in Class Education Content
  • - Teacher Training & Development
  • - Test Prep Support & Assessments
  • - Hardware and Best in Class Teaching Aid
  • - Timely Support and Assistance

What makes us different?

  • - In-class setups
  • - Teacher Training
  • - Qualitative Assessments
  • - Optimized and Focused Lesson Plans

How we transform the way the Teachers teach?

  • - Improvised teaching skills
  • - Comprehensive concept-based teaching
  • - Qualitative teaching
  • - Inclusive learning
  • - Flexible and adaptive learning process
  • - Reporting and Analytics