Why Phonics?

Phonics is a tool that helps children to read by using a particular system.
Instead of having to do memorization of words, they learn the sounds that the letters make.
There are approximately one million words in the English language.
As such, it would be rather difficult for children to memorize each word.
On the other hand, phonics only requires the child to learn forty-four phonemes or sounds.

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Benefits of Phonics Course

Phonics helps children decipher words
One of the main benefits of learning phonics is that it teaches children to decipher words on their own, which means they ultimately need less help with reading.
When children learn the sounds that letters and groups of letters make, they can decode words they have not encountered before in their reading, which allows them to learn new words independently.
Phonics Yields Progressive Learning
Another advantage of learning phonics is that doing so gives children a foundation for learning new words, which adds to the words they already know.
A foundation in phonics can also help children learn parts of words they can remember when they encounter new words they have never seen before, which makes learning to read easier.
Additionally, phonics can lead to whole-word recognition, which helps children read faster as they practice.
As children recognize whole sections of words without sounding out individual phonemes to decipher a word reading becomes faster and more fluid.
Phonics Helps Writing Ability
One final benefit of learning phonics is that it ultimately helps children learn to write by using written lessons and activities to help children master both reading and writing skills.
Children also tend to develop their spelling skills as they learn which letters or combinations of letters create sounds in the words they write.

Learning to read with phonics is an excellent way for children to read both quickly and effectively, as it allows them to sound out words they may not know initially by using letters they already know.
While phonics may not be the best reading solution for everyone, research shows it is highly effective for most children.

Details of the Course

Total Levels               : 3 Levels
Age Group                  : Children between age 6 - 14
Duration of Class    : 2 hours per week
Duration of Level    : 6 months per level
Duration of Course : 3 levels = 18 months