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academic faqs

Home Revise’s Study Material (digital & multimedia format) provide quality learning content and assessment solutions to students and educators of classes 1-12 in different subjects and for different curriculums.
Our content is developed based on 21st century framework that caters to the learning needs of students. Our high-quality study content is in the form of Multimedia-visual study material, Exercise along with Objective tests to help in the overall development of the student.

You can learn and revise as many times as you want. The sole purpose of our study material is to supplement your teaching and learning resources. We believe there is a positive relation between time spent on Study Material and achievement levels.

Unregistered users can review our demos. Subscribed users can will receive the complete class related animation and visual content in CD / DVD /SD card format. You can also view Home Revise videos on Mobile and Tablets.

Our content is mapped with respective boards (CBSE / ICSE / Maharashtra State Board) curriculum and syllabus. However, there may be gaps in these Multi-dimensional resources based on the relevance of the topic for that particular resource format.
technical faqs

You either need a Computer, Laptop or an Android Box to run on TV

Your DVD-ROM lens might be weak. Please buy CD /DVD Lens cleaner from the market and clean the lens.

For the solution of above problem please do the following steps :

Open Quick Heal Antivirus software → click on Files & Folders option → Click on Exclude Files & Folders → Click on ADD button → Click on the Folder option which is at the right corner of the window & Yellow in color → Click on CD drive Select Include Sub folder & again → click on CD Drive → Click on OK button → Click on Known Virus Detection → Click on behavior Detection → Click on OK button → Click on Save Changes button

Disable your Anti-Virus or the Bluetooth devices, if any, installed on your Computer.

Remove / Disable the screen saver installed on your computer. Heavy screen saver consumes the computer RAM capacity which leads to a non-responsive Windows.

Change your current screen resolution to 1024 x 768. Right click on the desktop -> go to properties -> click on setting -> screen resolution -> adjust to 1024 x 768.

Check whether the volume on your computer is turned to low-level or muted. If it is not muted, then kindly restart your computer. If you are still facing the issue, please check whether your speakers and headphones are functioning properly. Go to the task bar-> right click on speaker icon-> open volume control-> check the volume option.
subscription faqs

Select your Board and Class and later the Package of your choice and click on Buy Now.

For Online Payment: Enter your card details or account details on the subsequent page on the payment gateway and submit the details. Paying through your credit/debit card and Internet bank account is completely safe at
For Offline Payment: Cheque/DD

Once a product/service has been purchased by you, Home Revise will not be able to provide any refund, either in full or in part. We suggest that prior to making a purchase decision you go through the demos and other free content available on the portal.

Unfortunately we do not offer structured payment. All payments have to be made at the time of subscription which is for one academic year.

The price mentioned online is inclusive of all taxes. Shipping charges are additional and mentioned on the product purchase page.