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Tips to improve your childs english grammar
21 Aug 2020 . 4 min read

The onset of 2020 has disrupted every aspect of our lifestyle and redefined a holistic approach towards life. With the changing socio-economic landscape over last couple of decades, working parents were realizing the void of spending time with their kids, especially during their studies. The new normal showered the blessing.

Another impact on education sector is the bloom of e-learning app for kids. It makes learning not only fun, but also interactive, easy, and playful. Even subjects like English Grammar can easily by learn, practised, and revised by your kids effortlessly; especially with application like Home Revise Elearning App. This app has been designed for the new-age kids to excel their grades in academics.

The essence of every language lies in its Grammar, and so for English. Studies say that children have natural tendencies to pick up the technicality of language in a faster way than adults. There are certain cognitive exercises can help improve your child’s English Grammar.

English Grammar Lessons
Structured Grammar Lessons can improve child’s understanding about the subject. Explaining the concepts of Past, Present, and Future Tense, application of punctuations, difference between written and verbal communication, etc. contribute massively in understanding and improving the Grammar sense. In Home Revise App, there are videos explaining the critical Grammar concepts in a very lucid way, ensuring a strong foundation from initial years

Translation from Novels:
This exercise used to be one of my dad’s favourite way to improve our (mine and my brother’s) English Grammar. Though I have a Convent background, but my brother had been to State Boards. My dad used to give us paragraphs from a particular novel to translate it to English, and it used to be a regular schedule. This helped us not only to learn English Grammar, but also understanding the craft without tampering the essence

Make the child think in English
Human Brains can be trained to think in a particular way. There are hundreds and thousands of thoughts crossing our mind every moment. We usually are comfortable to think in our Mother Language. So, by stimulating a conversation with your child in English can make him/her start thinking in English. The digital animated content feature of the app stimulates this aspect and make every lesson interesting. Playing Scrabble
One of the aspects which contribute indirectly for improved grammar is by introducing new words. The child will definitely try to figure out ways to use those words in their sentences. An awesome aspect of this app is its dedicated section for new or difficult words with the meaning, hence making your kid familiar a sophisticated vocabulary. Even as an adult we feel the thrill of Vocabulary upgrades and can’t deny our love for Sashi Tharoor, isn’t it

Reading English story books with your Child
This would be one of the favourite time pass of your kid. Nothing makes the ‘we time’ more adorable than reading fables or stories. This activity not only deepens the parental bond of love, but also provides the parent with an opportunity to acquaint your kid with English Grammar in a very subtle way

Now a day, technology has become a part of everyone’s life which is definitely a blessing in disguise. Previously, a parent had to get actively involved with lessons, but now all these features (except the story reading ones) are integrated in a super awesome Home Revise Elearning App. Lessons are also mapped with text books as per I.C.S.E, C.B.S.E, and State Boards Curriculum. So, adapting with new normal is easy, fun, and playful.