What is Home Revise ?

HOME REVISE Education Pvt Ltd. is an Audio-Visual CD which helps a student even in the absence of their teacher. The CD contains teaching of experts in their field who have encompassed every aspect of their respective subject in great detail. All concepts are simplified for better understanding. Animated clips and story board is used to make the learning more effective. Now who needs to by heart the answers, when you can understand and remember it so easily with Home Revise.

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10th English Medium Science

Heart-The Involuntary Pump
9th English Medium Geometry
Geometric Construction
8th English Medium Sanskrit (Entire)
A foolish servant should not be kept
English Medium English Grammar
Proper & common noun
8th English Medium Civics
The United nations & Human empowerment
10th English Medium Economics
Introduction of economy

Home Revise Benefits / Delivery Mode


Benefits to Students

♣ They become self motivated to study in lesser time, so there is no wastage of time

♣ Use of Multi sensory approach i.e. eyes to see thousands of pictures & animations and ears to listen textual content which has intense impact on brain. This eventually helps for storing the concepts in the long term memory like a movie
♣ Students can easily learn & revise till they understand by watching our CD many times, so there is no need to by heart
♣ In the absence of student in the classroom, he/she can revise the lesson taught as many times as they want.
♣ This develops interest in studying. Increase in attention & listening span helps them to improve their concentration in studies.

Benefits to Schools, Classes & Teachers

♣ In the absence of teacher, a lesson can be taught using Home Revise in A/V room

♣ The efforts of writing on board is reduced. Teachers can teach many topics in lesser time & can revise it as well. This helps to complete the syllabus before time
♣ Use of multi sensory approach helps to understand & to remember the subjects for longer time
♣ The academic concepts that can't be written & drawn on the board can be easily shown by the Audio-Visual method
♣ Moreover, students do not make noise in the class while teaching Audio-Visual content. It improves their ability to concentrate & sit at a place for a longer time.

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