Science in Everyday Life Friction Magnetic effect of electric current Sound
Introduction to Physics Pressure & Thrust Chemical effects of electric current
Light- Reflection and refraction
Sources of Energy Pressure in Liquids Fun with Magnets Spectrum
Work & Energy Pressure in Gases Electromagnet and Electromagnetic induction Shadow
Measurement Gravitation Heat and Temperature Lenses
Measuring Instrument Kinetic Theory of Matter Specific heat, latent heat
Optical Instruments
Estimation of Units Static Electricity Thermal Expansion
Human eye and its defects
Simple Machines Simple Circuits Thermometry Universe
Motion & Speed
Current Electricity
Thermonic Emission
Time & Motion
Heating effect of electric current
  Nuclear physics
Importance of Chemistry Structure of Atom Acids, Bases & Salts
Study of Ammonia
Pure and Mixed Substances Periodic Classification Salts & their Preparation
Study of Nitric Acid
States of Matter Metals & Non Metals Hydrogen Sulphuric Acid
Coal & Petroleum Language of Chemistry Oxygen & Oxides
Hydrogen Chloride Gas & Hydrochloric Acid
Synthetic Fibers and Plastics Chemical Reactions & Equations Carbon Dioxide
Mole concept and Stoichiometry
Sorting of Materials Combustion & Flame Study of Gas Laws
Practical Chemistry
Changes Around Us Chemical Bonding Carbon and its compounds (Organic Compounds) Water
Physical & Chemical Change Electrolysis Hydrocarbon Air
Atoms & Molecules
Atmospheric Pollution
Introduction to Biology Health Organisations Nutrition in plants
Reproduction in animals
World Around Us Diseases – Cause and control Transpiration in plants
Animal Husbandry
Earth is a unique planet Safety and first aid Transportation in plants Human body
Our Environment Pollution – Sources and Effects Respiration in plants
Digestive systems
Natural resources Natural calamities Vegetative Propagation and Micro-propagation
Circulatory system
Rocks and minerals Fossils Seed- Structure and Germination Nervous system
Soil and soil erosion Cell division and structure of chromosome Reproduction in plants Sense organs
Climate and weather Levels of organization Biotechnology
Skin – The jack of all trades
Conservation of plants and animals Tissues Genetic basis of inheritance
Respiratory system
Crop Production and management Micro-organisms Useful plants
Reproduction in human
Food and its components Economic importance of Bacteria and Fungi Forest Products
Endocrine system
Waste Generation Plant life Animal life
Excretory system
Waste management Morphology of plants Diversity in animals Genetics
Population and related problems in India Classification in plants Nutrition in animals Adolescence
Health and hygiene
Respiration in animals
Human skeleton


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