Home Revise content consists of the entire 4th standard English Medium syllabus in a fun learning method with various sounds and animations. It is as per the current syllabus and helps explain each chapter in detail. This makes the learning very easy and entertaining.



  • EVS-1
  • EVS-2
The Life Cycle of Animals Air My Upbringing
The Inter relationships between Living Things Clothes
Changes in the Family and Neighborhood
Storage of Water A Look inside the Body My Delightful School
Water Safe for Drinking Home Remedies for Simple illness
I’ll be responsible and sensitive
Water for Every Household Directions and Maps
Management of Community Life
Variety in Food Maps and Symbols
Transport and Communication
Food and Nutrition My District, My State Natural Disasters
The Value of Food Day and Night
Are we endangering our environment?
Maharashtra before Shivaji Defeat of Internal Enemies
The Fort is captured but the Lion is dead
Work of the Saints Swaraj – First Conquest
A Memorable Ceremony
Maratha Sardars – The Famous House of the Bhonsle’s Pratapgad Makes History
Shivaji Maharaja sets up an efficient Administration
Shivaji’s Childhood Baji Prabhu and the Memorable Battle of Ghodkhind
Campaign in the South
Shivaji’s Education The Discomfiture of Shaistakhan Shivaji’s War Strategy
The Oath of Swaraj The Siege of Purandar and the Treaty with the Moghul Emperor A People’s King
  Shivaji gives the slip to the Emperor
A Living Source of Inspiration
Unit One : Unit Two : Unit Three : Unit Four :
Rain In The Night Time For Everything Growing Up The Elf Singing
Aesop’s Fables Be a Craft man ! The Ugly Duckling
Androcles And The Lions
Recess In The World Of Dictionaries All About Glass Young Scientist
Your Own Books Of Science Why English Is so Hard Flint Be a Writer – 2
Six Honest Serving-Men Sultan Ghiyasuddin In The Qazi’s Court The Champa Flower The Noble Monkey
It’s Only a Matter Of Practice ! My Books Computers On Planting a Tree
Be a Writer-1 A Collage The Laughing King
The King Of The Golden River
A Great Leader Know Formalities , please Little Words
The King Of The Golden River
  Know Formalities , please Be a Chef !
A Farewell To The Teacher
    The Dreadful Guest
Ryokan And The Starfish
Mathematics Part – I Mathematics Part – II
Geometrical Figures
Word Problem – Addition & Subtraction
Number Work Fractions
Addition Measurement
Subtraction Perimeter and Area
Multiplication – Part 1
Multiplication – Part 2
Division – Part 1 Division – Part 2
Coins and Notes Pictographs
Measuring Time Patterns
Zaad – Gane Vachuya ,Giravuya Pahaa ,Pan … Sanganak – Kavita
Maitri – Chitra katha Olakha Pahu ! Maza Aanubhav – 1 Aamache Chukley
Chitravarnan Shabdpat Vachuya Aagagadi – Kavita Dhadasi Zuggi
Garya Garya Bhingorya – Kavita Shabdanshi Kheluya Bus sthanak Prashna – Kavita
Farak Olakha Khelatil Swayampaak – Kavita Swachha Ghar – Swachha Parisar
Mi Sagalya Bhajya Khanar !
AksharJale Zaad Aaple Mitra Maza Aanubhav – 2
Khurchi ani Stool – Kavita
Gammatkode Chatur Kasva – Shabd Chitrakatha Id Aapale Vachnalaya



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