Home Revise content consists of the entire 2nd standard English Medium syllabus in a fun learning method with various sounds and animations. It is as per the current syllabus and helps explain each chapter in detail. This makes the learning very easy and entertaining.



  • EVS
EVS Unit -1 : My Body EVS Unit -2 : Our Needs EVS Unit – 3 : Our Surroundings
EVS Unit – 4 : Our Environment
Movements of the Body The Importance of Keeping Food Safe The Care of Plants
Directions, Distance and Time
Our Sense Organs The Importance of Keeping Water Safe The Care of Animals and Birds Climate
  The Importance of Keeping sharp Instruments safely Public Places Natural Resources
  Safety Rules for Vehicles and Means of Transport Communication
Man-made Resources
  My Home    
Festivals and their Celebrations
Good , better , best -Poem A composition
The Boy who cried Wolf
From A to Z – Activity 1 A speech Wind , Fire & Paper
From A to Z – Activity 2 Our teeth Wind , Fire & Paper
Mr. Cross swats a fly ! Mix a pancake A pop- up card
What are they doing at this time ? My life story Ira’s adventures
Plant magic -Poem Friends forever Meet my friends
I wish I were Merry sunshine – Poem My Dog Spot -Poem
The lion & the mouse Whose pond is it ? Books
Sleep is necessary Fog in a jar Union is strength.
In the park Play by moonlight
The King who wanted to touch the moon
The fisherman & the golden fish Bheem learns a lesson Who put the cookies
Simple Simon – Poem Green grass grew  
The Sky is falling Chocolate  
Special events Fair’s fair  
Mathematics Part – I Mathematics Part – II
Left – Right , Behind – In front of
The Ascending and Descending Order of Numbers
Introducing Geometrical Shapes
Introducing – Numbers in steps
Edges and Corners
Numbers in Steps – By counting forward
Surfaces of Objects
Addition by Carrying Over – Preparation
Introducing the lines
Addition by Carrying Over
Drawing Lines and shapes using objects
Word Problems – Addition
Use of Curved and Straight Lines
Introducing Coins and Currency Notes
Recognizing Geometrical Shapes
Subtraction – By Counting Backward
Measurement – Length
Addition by Increasing in 10’s & Subtraction by Taking Away 10’s
Weight – Mass
Addition and Subtraction – in steps
Subtraction – Preparation
Ordinal And Cardinal Numbers
Addition and Subtraction
A Feast in the Forest
Necklaces and Bracelets of Beads
Read the Numbers
Subtraction by untying a Ten – Preparation
Numbers-Counting Forward
Subtraction – By untying a Ten
Clap Your Hands-Snap your Fingers – A Game Subtraction
Multiplication and Division – Preparation
A Counting Game
Multiplication – Preparation
Numbers in ten and units Form
Multiplication Tables – Preparation
Two – digit Numbers on a String of Hundred The 2 Times Table
Numbers in ten and units Form The 3 Times Table
Writing Numbers in words The 4 Times Table
Revision – Addition and Subtraction Tables of 5 and 10
Addition – By Counting Forward
Pictorial Information – Classification
Addition – Using tens-units
Patterns in our Surroundings
Adding Zero and subtracting Zero Handling Data
Another Meaning of Subtraction Word Problems
The Relationship Between Addition and Subtraction
The Numbers Ladder – A Game
Subtraction – By Counting Forward
Word Problem  
Days of the week – Yesterday , Today and Tomorrow
Measurement of Time
Smaller and Bigger Numbers



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