Skills for Study in the 21st Century

One Skill At A Time –

Just pick one area. Focus on skills which you need to improve invest a little each day. So that it will help you to stand in the competition of today . In the long run, you’ll find it’s worth it. Better grades are also necessary in today’s world.

Twenty-First Century students need more than just “reading, writing, and mugging ” the syllabus.

Student need to proficiency in these 4 areas –

Planning Skills –

Planning doesn’t help a student learn more, but it helps eliminate all the junk that keeps them from learning more.

Conceptual Skills –

Conceptual Skills means the actual study skills by themselves. How do you learn? Get the actual meaning or moral of the story / chapter, When some information hits you in the face, does it stick ? Find an area to work on, and then do it.

Internal Motivation –

Internal motivation occurs when you act upon your desire without the need for external rewards, such as money or recognition. You engage in the activity simply because you choose to. It means something to you. And that, in itself, can be its own reward.

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