Get Better Grades-Simple Ways to Improve your Memory

According to Wikipedia, Grades can be defined as the process of applying standardized measurements of varying levels of achievement in a course. Grades can be assigned as letters, as a range, as a percentage, or as a number out of a possible total. Grades play a very important role in educational system, since it gauges the academic performance of a student.

Memory can be understood as a cognitive capability to store information; interpreted as words, thoughts, emotions, pictures, etc. The relation between grade and memory is entwined by the fineness of intelligent quotient. If you’re a responsible parent and inquisitive about the ways to improve your kid’s memory, then you’re exploring the easiest and simple ways.

Taking deep breathes before the study session

It’s never recommended to forcefully start the study session. Mentally kids are always exploring the mysteries of this dimension; hence starting a study session suddenly can affect their attention span. Hence, spend some time with your kid before starting any study session and approximately 7 cycles of deep breathing boosts the memorizing capabilities

The way of teaching

The puritan concept of mentoring a child was usually strict and sometimes parents used to go overboard with that. This affects the child’s psyche negatively as well as the cognitive receptors, thus affecting the memorizing faculty of the kid. Always teach the kids with loads of love and empathy.

Proper Diet

Diet is very important if, as a parent you are opting for a holistic approach to improve your child’s memory. Certain foods like walnuts, fresh fruits, fish etc. boost the brain capacity. If required, consulting a pediatric nutritionist can be of great help to improve kid’s memory

External Visual Stimulation

Experts say that audio – visual stimulation has a greater impact in understanding or memorizing any concepts. Especially with kids, it works wonders. To leverage on this, as a parent you can download Home Revise E-learning App. This app has a unique feature of animated video series mapped with your kid’s textbook. These videos can be watched multiple number of times at your convenience. Isn’t this feature seems like a magic wand just making all the stressful part of academic parenting disappear.

Adding the fun element in studying

The trick of memorizing any lesson is not only in learning the lesson, but revising also. Every student will have the most and least favourite subject. But with Home Revise App reading every subject appears fun and all the lessons can be revised, memorized, and learned effortlessly. There is also a scope for online exams; hence the results can be compared instantaneously.

Home Revise App is available on Play Store and on downloading the app makes you entitled for a free trial of 15 days. This app is not only power packed with the user-intuitive interface and easy navigation features but also text book mapped as per I.C.S.E, C.B.S.E and State Board Syllabus. Segregated standard wise and subject wise, with proper exercise, online exams, this app is a perfect study buddy for every student. The revision exercise not only brushes up your kid’s intelligence, but keeps them intellectually ahead in academic modules.

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