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In an exclusive interview with Team HomeRevise, Anshita, one of the Top 5 finalist of Colours Marathi Sur nava Dyas nava talks about her varied interests and her favorite learning partner Home Revise.

Anshita says, “ I always had a  busy schedule and had to be out of station upto 1 or 2’O clock night. Due to which, I used to miss my school. Inspite of this, I never let my studies down. And that was possible only because of Homerevise. The biggest advantage of using Homerevise was that I could use it even during travelling and Homerevise has always been with me as my personal teacher. Homerevise plays a major role in my success in Sur nava Dyas nava”


Atharva Says, “ Cricket is my passion since childhood. And want to be part of Indian cricket team. It’s a tough job I know and managing both studies  and cricket at this age is really challenging. But I’m very thankful to Homerevise who helped me to achieve my goal along with my studies”

“During my boards, I sincerely studied every day and never skipped any topic. My timetable helped me in achieving that goal. I charted out a routine combining two tough topics with an easy one, followed by my math practice every day. Whenever I had a doubt, I went back to Home Revise and cleared them on time. This helped me in managing my time well.”

In Atharva’s words, “Home Revise makes his study easy. The visual representation of a concept helps him understand it better to achieve his goal.”


“I always aspired to be a world chess champion. And somewhere this affected my schoolings many a times. But Homerevise helped me to manage my ambition and studies very well. Actually, with Homerevise I could study more in less time and spare time for my chess practice as well.” says ninth-grader Prathamesh Divekar.

 Prathamesh further added “It’s great that I can revise my lessons at any point and anywhere, even during my travelling”.

“Our son has fallen in love with the Home Revise software because of the way they clarify his doubts. We recommend the software to every student,” says a delighted Sandeep Divekar, Prathamesh’s father. Live your passion with Homerevise.


Akash said, “ Homerevise is actually a personal tutor. The animated content of Homervise is too good. It helped me to understand the concepts very easily. And moreover, the objective test given after each topic helped me to judge myself. I will always recommend Home Revise. Friends, do use Homerevise and see the difference. ”

Further Akash adds, “Homerevise banaye Zindagi.”


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Students Review

Now I don’t need a teacher to be there all the time, to make me understand complex concepts. All I need now to study is HOME REVISE. It gives me flexibility to learn my learning with fun.

Learning has never been so fun, and entertaining, and yet at the same time memorable. HOME REVISE is like a breath of fresh air. Now I don’t have to depend only upon my textbooks.

Hats Off to Home Revise!!!! I am using it since last 3 years. It is very Enthusiastic and Innovative. Also thankful for after sale service. All students must use it.

I just got my result; with the help of Home Revise I scored 10% more in my class. I even came second in the whole class. Very nice study material. Must buy it.

Parents Review

Previously examinations of our children were a nightmare for me and my husband. But since we found HOME REVISE we are more relaxed and are able to monitor their education ourselves.

HOME REVISE gave my son a platform to study, where in he could choose when to study, and how many times to study.

Just got a package for my child, he is really enjoying it and studying more effectively. Every parent should buy a package, it is a new age teaching method & is very useful.

Teacher’s Review

A highly effective tool enhancing the subject with good animation and sound. Very clear and precise,making School teaching interesting and innovative

E-learning with Home Revise has really helped the students a lot because when they visualize things i.e. when they see it they understand better rather than explaining from the textbook.

I am delighted to use Home Revise during my class teaching, as I find the students enjoying and attentive especially during History lessons.I am happy that I can have a good check on them & sum up the lesson with recap.