Manage Exam Stress Of Your Child

Signs Of Stress :

  • Worry a lot.
  • Feel tense.
  • Get lots of headaches and stomach pains.
  • Not sleep well.
  • Be irritable.
  • Lose interest in food or eat more than normal.
  • Not enjoy activities they previously enjoyed.
  • Seem negative and low in their mood.
  • Seem hopeless about the future.

The Must DO’s For Parents 

1.Student can fail to do well if they fail to cope with stress. Parents should guide their children in planning, organizing and setting a time-table.

2.To Avoid a Stress situation for the child the parents must provide right kind of motivation and a conducive environment.

3.Help the child to develop Self – Discipline, Self-Direction, Self – Confidence and a Sense of achievement.

4.Just good schooling and tuition are not substitutes for Emotional Cushioning.

5.Help the child in maintaining his confidence especially when he seems discouraged by his dropping marks or grades. Do not displace your anxiety on the child.

6.The achievement goals should be realistically set according to the child’s capability.

7.Do not mix academic issues with family conflicts.

8.Praise your child when he does well. Encourage child’s performance with positive statements like, “well done” ” you can do better” rather than saying “that was not enough”.


9.Work out our child’s schedule with him instead of nagging him. There could be learning problems.

10.Do Not harp on previous failures or results.

11.Under achievement may be due to some children believing it is safer not to try than to try and fail.

12.If achievement expectations are too then some children would prefer to be criticized for being lazy than being considered not good enough.

13.Humor relieves tension. Be light and humorous with the child.

14.Try to gain your child’s confidence and discuss his problems with him, help him to find a solution.

15.Exams are not the end of the world.

16.Accept that expectation for everyone to do well is unrealistic as many won’t pursue this for long.

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