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Digital Experience

Geography maps, locations, history events, science experiments, geometry constructions, algebra sums and much more solved on screen with details.


Personalized Learning App

Get your customized package and learn at your own pace.

Your Own Lab

Science experiments solved and conducted on screen making it your own science lab.


Multimedia Learning App

The app provides various features like, videos, question and answer which helps learn each concept in detail. It’s like watching a movie.


Easy Learning App

The content available is as per the syllabus and the students can refer to one video and get understanding of the entire chapter.


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Learn With App Of Home Revise

Whether you are starting a new chapter or revising an old one, Our video lectures and exercise questions are designed to better understanding. It feels magical!
Students can easily learn & revise till they understand by watching Home Revise many times, so there is no need to by heart.

Meaning with Difficult Words

It’s a unique feature of Home Revise. We have added the meaning of difficult words from each paragraph for better understanding of students.
Benefits to Students:

  • No need to search for the meaning
  • Parents/Teachers can also use it as a teaching aid or reference to teach the lesson.
Difficult words-unique feature

Solved Exercise with Sound

We have explained all the questions & answers (Swadhyay) at the end of lessons.
Each & every sum / exercise  from textbook is solved ,Students can learn, by-heart the question answers then and there itself.

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