How To Memorize Things Faster Than Other People

There are many times when we want to impress our teacher by learning the chapter first and answer all the questions before any other student does. Not just to impress our teacher but to score the highest marks in the class can be another reason for this. It’s an important skill to have whether, for school, work or just to improve yourself as exercising our brain memory keeps our brain healthy & memorize things faster.


Here are few ways to help you strengthen the ability to memorize :

1.Take interest in what you are learning:

We find something interesting ; it’s easy for us to remember. Many people remember the names of the person which they find attractive as well as the lyrics of their favorite songs. Some can easily remember quotes or relevant passage from their favorite books. If you are not interested in what you are learning, find a way to make it interesting.

2. Use Rhymes to Memorize:
If you are trying to learn a list of names, select some important keywords and create abbreviations. For example, different colors of the rainbow can be quickly determined by using acronym VIBGYOR, which is made from the first letter of each color. You can also add rhyming words to create a catchphrase.

3. Break Down the Information:

 The amount of information you want to learn can be easily broken down into smaller and more manageable sections. Try to retain the data and correlate it with something familiar to you. It become easy for your brain to learn the information in smaller bits. Studies show that all the brains who learn just for tests retain far less than those who spend a good portion of everyday learning.

4. Use of Flashcards:

Flashcards are a great way if you want to memorize any information quickly for your exam. This method can be best for learning word definitions or any equation in math and science. Write the word on one side and its definition on the other side. Follow the same procedure for equations also. Carry these flash cards with you and memorize the information by using them.

organize data

5. Organize your Information:

Our brain grasps faster when any information is written down in an organized manner.  Make a list of some important points in a group of three and go on. You can repeat the words or phrases in a pattern of three to memorize the topics quickly. You can use this trick when preparing for board exams.

6. Teach your Topics to Others:

Explaining concepts to others is a superb idea to learn and retain. Teaching your friends or anyone what you have learned will get you confidence for that topic, and you can quickly memorize it by explaining the same thing to others. Also, you can apply the same technique by sitting in front of a mirror.

teaching to others
healthy diet

7. Maintain a Healthy Diet : 

The healthy diet leads to overall health which in turn keeps your brain and memory healthy. You can try out different food like eggs, fish, almonds, grapes, papaya, tomatoes and whole grain cereals that help you in improving your brain health and memory sharpness.

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