9th Standard ICSE Board

Our Home Revise content consists of the entire 9 th standard ICSE Board syllabus in a fun learning method with various sounds and animations. It is as per the current syllabus and helps explain each chapter in detail. This makes the learning very easy and entertaining.

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Index We Provide – Biology

General Biology

  • Introduction of biology
  • Living , Non living and Dead
  • Basic Biology

Flowering Plants

  • Vegetative Propagation and Micro propagation
  • Flower

Plant Physiology

  • Seed – Structure and germination
  • Respiration in plants

Diversity in living organisms

  • Understanding ecosystems
  • Classification of plants and animals
  • Economic importance of Bacteria and Fungi
  • Economic importance of Fungi

Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • Nutrition
  • Digestive System
  • Movement and Locomotion
  • Skin – The jack of all trades
  • Respiratory System
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Waste generation and management


Index We Provide – Chemistry

  • Matter and its Composition
  • Study of Gas Laws
  • Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
  • The language of Chemistry
  • Physical and Chemical Changes

  • Water
  • Atomic Structure
  • The Periodic Table
  • Study of the First Element -Hydrogen
  • Atmospheric pollution


Index We Provide – Physics

  •  Estimation and Units
  • Measurement of length,volume, time, mass
  • Experimentation
  • Motion in one dimension
  • Newton’s law of motion
  • Force
  • Pressure in fluid and atmospheric pressure

  • Upthrust in fluid and Archimedes Principle
  • Expansion of solid, Liquid and Gases
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism


Index We Provide – Mathematics

  • Rational and Irrational Numbers
  • Profit, Loss, Discount and Compound Interest
  • Expansion
  • Factorisation
  • Linear Equation in One Variable
  • Simultaneous Linear Equations
  • Graphs of Linear Equation

  • Indices
  • Logarithm
  • Triangles
  • Isosceles Triangle and Inequalities
  • Construction of Triangle
  • Similarity
  • Pythagoras Theorem

  • Rectilinear Figures
  • Area
  • Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures
  • Circumference and Area of a Circle
  • Mensuration of Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder
  • Trigonometrical Ratios
  • Statistics


Index We Provide – History

  • The Harappan Civilization
  • The Vedic Period
  • India in the 6th century B.C.
  • The Mauryan Empire
  • The Beginning of the Modern Age in Europe


Index We Provide – Geography

  • The Earth in Space
  • The Earth – Shape and Size
  • The Earth’s Grid System – Latitudes and Longitudes
  • Motion of the Earth – Rotation and Revolution
  • The Earth’s Atmosphere
  • Air Pressure and Wind Systems
  • Humidity and Rainfall

  • Forecasting Weather
  • The Lithosphere
  • Volcanoes and Tectonic Plate Movements
  • Agent of Gradation
  • The Hydrosphere
  • Tides & Ocean Currents
  • Pollution


Index We Provide – Civics

  • Our Constitution
  • Salient features of the Constitution – 1
  • Salient features of the Constitution – 2
  • Elections and Political Parties
  • Local Self Government


Index We Provide – Economics

  • Definitions of Economics
  • Basic Terms and Concepts
  • Basic Problems of an Economy
  • Solution of the Basic Problems
  • Types Of Economies

  • Agriculture: Productivity Trend
  • Green Revolution
  • Cottage and Small-Scale Industries
  • Poverty and Unemployment
  • Transport

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