25 Secrets Of All Rounder Students – HINDI DVD

Home Revise 25 Secrets Of All Rounder Students is very good for parents as well as students. Do you remember that child in your class who was good at everything? He / She got good grades, did well in sports, was interested in music and had a bunch of cool friends. He / She even got selected for the school play. And what’s worse, He / she always appeared to be having a whole lot of fun. And you wondered how on-earth did he / she get time for everything. Our book provides information on techniques used by all rounder students to became successful. How to Be an All Around Good Student. If your purpose in school is to excel and get great grades then use our book. Visit US

Home Revise is a Fast Growing Digital Education Company that is focused on providing animated software for CBSE, ICSE & Maharashtra State Board. The animated software contains teachings of experts in their field who have encompassed every aspect of their respective subject in great detail. All concepts are simplified for better understanding. At Home Revise we not only adopt New technology, but also modify them to meet the needs of Teachers & Students.