10 Tips to improve your IQ Level

Your IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, which is a scientific rating of intelligence, derived from standardized tests that calculate problem-solving abilities, spatial imagery, general knowledge and other factors. Since there are limits based on natural intelligence levels, studies have shown that there are some practical ways to improve your knowledge. Let’s see the ways to make it happen.

1. Explore yourself

Start exposing yourself. Be active in your society, social media, community and the world around you. The more you involve with different people, others opinions and ideas, the more you learn. It’s not necessary that you’ll agree with everyone’s opinion. But, by challenging your prepossessed notions, you will strengthen your ideas, beliefs, grow, and adapt new ideas based on new information.

2.Be a good Observant

Being smart is being aware of things which are at higher level, and understanding the correlations among what might seem to be disparate or random events. Expansive observations can lead you to more innovative and creative areas as well.

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reading book & music

3. Listen to Music

Listen to any music that you like. According to studies, listening to music that makes you feel good, improves your I.Q. by a few points. You can listen to music even while working if it does not affect your concentration.

4. Read voraciously

Reading upgrades the mind’s ability to comprehend and boost you to think critically. Reading a book that you have not read before broadens your boundaries and thus increases your IQ.

5. Have Fun with Brain Power

Try to become a master of any game. Like, try to be a Sudoku master, and when you reach your goal, move on. Once you are good at any particular skill, your brain stops finding the task difficult and help you gain confidence. Feel free to continue but keep finding new brain games to explore.

6. Never Stop Learning

Maintain a track of your progress. Take some weekly IQ tests and have a record of your results. Attempt online IQ tests and rate yourself, and keep trying to improve as you go for next test. Have a proper flow and keep testing yourself at regular interval of time.

7. Exercise your Body and Brain

Maintain fitness, since it’s scientifically proven that using your body and the mind improves your way of thinking.



8.Try out Different things

Challenge your brain to form new networks and ways by doing the same old things differently. Consider brushing your teeth with opposite or non-dominant hand, talk to yourself in a different language. Whatever you can which makes you feel challenging, do it!


9. Spend some time in Meditation

Research has shown that meditating is not only useful for reducing stress and mood, but it’s also good for brain functioning as well. It improves blood flow to the brain, memory, and concentration. And, it’s relaxing too. Try for at least 30 min a day, and its preferable when you wake up, after exercise and night before you go to bed.

10. Sleep when you are sleepy

Sleep when your brain wants it. If you do your work best at night, then sleep late. Aim to get good 7 hours sleep at night. When you are tired, the brain can’t function at its 100%. It cuts down what it thinks and only does what it has to keep you breathing and alive.


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